Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Porn Sharing Site Online

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While there are also many porn sharing sites that require you to pay for the porn contents that you download, there are also porn sharing sites which cost you nothing for downloading porn contents. This way, people can get their porn contents as much as they want without having to worry to pay a lot of money. They can easily pick a porn movie to watch online and they are only required to register in order to be able to download the contents to their PC. To know more about porn industry and other porn related issues, you can find your references easily online.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

International Business Travel Tips

International business travel presents its own unique set of challenges, so it's best to always be prepared for the worst-case scenario (and then hope it doesn't happen!). A few things to consider before traveling abroad:

1. Always carry your laptop onto the plane and keep it near at all times. Contraire to popular myth, airport x-ray machines will not harm your computer. Also remember to back up before you leave - you're most likely to have your computer crash or worse, have it stolen, while traveling abroad.

2. Seatguru.com can help you find a seat on your international flight with a convenient and accessible plug-in, and let you know which type of adapter you'll need in order to use your laptop, if any. Many airlines offer in-flight wireless internet access for a small fee and using your laptop for work in-flight is a great way to pass the time. It's better to use the plane's own power than depleting your laptop battery. Bringing a second battery is also suggested.

3. Make sure you have the correct outlet adapter. If you plan to travel to Australia, you will need a special adapter, which can be purchased at myriad online sites, such as amazon.com. Likewise, Europe and Asia have different outlets as well. Many hotels provide adapters for your convenience, and many don't so it's better to be prepared and bring your own regardless. Voltageconverters.com has a handy guide on finding the correct adapter.

4. Check with your cell phone provider to make sure your phone will work overseas. GSM, short for Global System for Mobile Communications, is a digital radio frequency that is accepted in virtually every country on the planet and allows for seamless international travel. Even with a GSM phone, different countries may require a different SIM card. SIM cards are the "brains" of your phone. For example, you will need a European SIM card for travel to Europe, and you will need an Australian SIM card for travel to Australia and New Zealand. Both GSM phones and SIM cards can be purchased online or through your local cell phone retailer. Cell phone coverage is surprisingly good Downunder especially considering its relative population.

5. If you're traveling internationally for business, chances are good that you're pretty familiar with the customs and culture associated with your travel destination. However, international business etiquette is constantly evolving. To avoid embarrassing mistakes that may ultimately not only damage your own reputation, but your company's as well, take a minute to research the latest cultural developments and learn key phrases and pleasantries in the native language as a courtesy, even if you're doing business in English.

Extended Business Travel - Top 5 Tips For How to Pack

How often have you had to pack for a week long business trip? Tough, right? You need to somehow fit everything you need in one bag that's not too huge (or you'll regret it), but it still has enough business wear and casual wear clothes in it that you aren't a rumpled smelly mess by the end of the trip. How do you do it? Here are my top 5 tips:

1. Get the right bag. Which means get a roll-along, soft-sided, expandable garment bag that folds and zips up into a smaller, more manageable size. Don't go cheap or it will be a throw-away inside a year (I mean spend hundreds, not less than a hundred). You need expandable because your clothes take up more space after you've worn them (unless you fold them up all neatly the same way you packed them - which is very doubtful).

2. Recycle pants, but don't recycle shirts. Pants will survive 2-3 days of wear, but shirts barely survive one. This translates into 3 pairs of pants and 6-7 dress shirts. Does that seem like too many shirts? It's not because you need a spare one in case of emergencies. I can't tell you how many times I've trashed a shirt and had to pull out the spare.

3. Save the plastic bags you get from the dry cleaners and make a pile in your closet. Then when it's time to pack, you lay your shirts and pants (still on the hangers) in the bag one at a time and put a plastic bag in between each one. This allows the shirts and pants to slide a little when you open and close the bag without causing them to catch on each other and cause wrinkles. No more ironing in the hotel room late at night.

4. Get a waterproof toiletry bag. If you don't have one then you can basically make one by using freezer bags for all your liquids and then stuffing them inside your toiletry bag. I had a bottle of aftershave smash open on me and soak into all my clothes one time, and that's all it took to convince me to take this precaution seriously.

5. Take the time to come up with a system for how to pack. Experiment and try different configurations. Give yourself a couple hours to do this. Lay socks and underwear and t-shirts and shoes in on top of each other in different ways after you've put all your dress shirts and pants in. Where should you put the toiletry bag? Your prescriptions? Your food stash? Each garment bag is different and you'll need to figure out the optimum configuration. Do this once and you'll have it figured out for all the rest of your trips and you can pack again without thinking.